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About Belvoir Gallery

For several decades Francis Bartow has collected American Art. He started early in the 70's with sporting art, paintings, and decoys. He later added Abstract Expressionists and Contemporary Artists. But As styles and tastes changed so quickly, he realized that not only could he not stay up with the latest artistic trends, but he was rapidly running out of wall space. Francis realized it was time to move on. It was at this time that he learned about the Boston School of Fine Arts, the "Ten", and other regional impressionist "colonies". Over the years Francis realized that he was totally fascinated with collecting objects of visual enjoyment. In the 80s and 90s he spent many happy hours out of doors in Dutchess County in pursuit of a lifestyle that he recalled from his youth in Somerset County, New Jersey. When he and his wife found the Millbrook/Washington area, they realized they were on to something special. Francis had always had an idea of having a gallery where he could share his love of art with other people. Belvoir, for beautiful view, could be the place to share landscapes both old and new, sporting art, and objects with people of a like mind and a love of nature.

845-605-1130  *   3278 Franklin Ave.  *  PO Box 1488  *  Millbrook NY, 12545   *